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Scotland Survey

Please help the Band leadership understand the number of people interested in travelling to Scotland with the band in Aug 2017.

Completion of this survey does not imply a commitment of any kind.  We are just looking for information to help us continue the planning.

Thank you!


Name *
Do you play with the Grade 4 Competition Band? *
We need a count of playing band members to determine if we will have enough to compete at the World Pipe Band Championships (WPBC).
Which Instrument do you play? *
We need to count the number of pipers and drummers who will be travelling to play in the World Pipe Band Championships.
Are you interested in travelling to Scotland in August 2017 *
This is not a commitment, we simply need to have a good understanding of numbers to determine whether we continue with the planning.
If you chose "cannot decide" or "No", please let us know why
Choose all that apply
Please be as accurate as possible (include yourself in this number). If you are not going Enter 0 (zero).
Are you interested in a Full Day Bus tour of the Scottish Highlands? *
This is an optional full day bus tour of Scotland. The tour will include at least one castle and one distillery. Cost will be about $100 CAD.
Are you interested in competing at the North Berwick Games on Saturday Aug 5, 2017? *
This Games is one week earlier than the WPBC. Extra cost is estimated at $400 CAD per person.
If "No" to North Berwick, please let us know why
Please choose all that apply