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Barrie, Ontario


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Orillia Santa Claus Parade

Matt Kiegelmann

Yesterday we ended our Santa Claus Parade season!  What comes as a relief to many members due to the unpredictable weather mother nature can throw at us in November, we were fortunate to have very mild temperatures.  A sprinkle of rain when we stepped off turned into a well attended and fun parade.

I would like to thank the band for toughing it out over the last few weekends.  We rely heavily on the income generated from these parades as these monies finance the next season to come. 


Old pals reunited - Randy & Lisa Egan, Glen Brownlee and Jim Wrightman.  This quartet played together for the Newmarket Pipes & Drums in the 1980s (winning Champion Supreme for Grade 2 I must add as well).

P/M Matt