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Barrie, Ontario



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Barrie City Council Recognition

Matt Kiegelmann

On Monday, October 26, Barrie City Council and Mayor Jeff Lehman presented us with a plaque recognizing our successful year and winning the North American Pipe Band Championship, Grade 5. We were honoured for this recognition!

We would like to thank Jeff and his council for organizing this presentation.  It was a great night, one we will never forget!

North American Champions - Grade 5

Matt Kiegelmann

North American Championship pin presented to every member in our band.

On Saturday, our band took to the field in Maxville for the oldest & largest highland games in North America - The Glengarry Highland Games.  There was a lot riding on this performance as winning in Maxville is every bands dream if you are in an active pipe band in North America.  There was a total of 54 bands, 13 of which were in our grade.

We put down easily the best performance of the year under extreme pressure.  Our band is leading in points for the PPBSO Champion Supreme designation and we knew we had a good crack at the North American title if we could squeak off a clean performance.  I can't stress enough how proud I am of all the members in our band.  We took the field with confidence and let the countless hours of practice take over.  Speaking for a few of us, there were a few teary eyes marching off the field as we all knew we played amazing.  Fortunately the judges thought so too!  We took BEST PIPES, 2nd in drumming and a 1st in ensemble (1,2,2,1).

We have one more competition before the season is over which is Fergus this coming weekend.  Again, amazing job band, I am really proud of you all.  GRADE 4 LOOK OUT!

Click on the pictures below to scroll through the album or watch the performance here!



Cobourg Highland Games - 1st Place!

Matt Kiegelmann

For the very first time, our band won our first PPBSO trophy.  We started learning our competition medley back in September and we have not looked back since.  Practicing 3 times a week for the last 5 months finally paid off!  Not only did our band win the overall Grade 5 prize, we also won "Best Drums & Best Bass" of the day for our grade.  Congrats to our solo competitors who also put up some amazing results!

Hats off to everyone for a great performance.  Our sites are now set on Kincardine which is this coming weekend!

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